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Greetings from The Quirky Quill; a lifestyle blog dedicated to product reviews, special events, and a gallimaufry of salt life merrymaking!

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Hi, I’m James . . . but my friends call me Jim.  I was born and raised in Central Illinois and have had a multitude of exciting career and life experiences including bungee jumping, agribusiness, and e-commerce platform management. I’ve always enjoyed writing both short stories and poetry.  So, one day I decided I should combine all of my passions and created The Quirky Quill which launched the beginnings of the lifestyle blog and website you are reading today.

I am a social media strategist and enjoy creating witty, quirky, and informative content. It was after I successfully launched my writing business that I got the idea to begin blogging about my various adventures that include concert venues, travel, product reviews, festivals, and salt life merrymaking.  I create content for, and manage, multiple social media platforms for several small businesses and online storefronts, including The Quirky Quill.  Check out my facebooktwitter, and instagram pages to view some of the social media strategies I create.

A few of my favorite things are kite flying, documentaries, most anything vintage, beach sunsets, bacon, ice cream, and all things Route 66.  I also enjoy good old fashion printed books like the one I am writing titled “More Than 2,000 Reasons, Wit and Wisdom from the Two-Lane Side of Life”.  Another Route 66 adventure awaits!

Sometimes people ask how I got started when it comes to blogging and my other projects.  I promise, it did not happen overnight!  I got my first opportunity to write for a neighborhood newsletter in Historic Soulard in St. Louis, Missouri and had an opportunity to help with a book titled Along Route 66.

A few of my strategic partnerships include agreements with online venues such as AmazonGroupon, and Walmart to name a few.  You can always see what I’ve been up to by checking out my recent blog posts and archives.

Want to get in contact or represent a brand that wants to work together? Please e-mail me at

Thank you for visiting!  Get sandy; stay quirky!